BNSK – Bangladesh Nari Sramik Kendra


A Bangladeshi society which collectively upholds the rights of all its workers especially women, treats them with dignity and justice while on the job, and recognizes their contribution to their families, communities, and the nation.


We commit ourselves to transforming Bangladeshi women workers into skilled, informed and respected contributors to their families, communities and country. We commit ourselves to fostering an enabling environment where this vision and mission can become reality in a labor market which is free of discrimination, exploitation, injustice and inequality. BNSK strives for this mission through.

•Networking on a local, national and international level

•Advocating for improved working conditions

•Training workers especially women on skills, their labor rights, and business management

•Preventing trafficking of women, protecting rights of survivors of trafficking and irregular migration and partnering with organizations who share our values.


By 2025, to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment where individual women workers and their organizations are empowered to consistently uphold their rights, promote economic well-being and collaborate with relevant stakeholders.


•To empower women workers working as domesticworkers, day-laborers, construction workers & informal business owners

•To ensure dignity and uphold the rights of women workers in both the formal and informal sectors

•To advocate for improved, protective recognition and legislation of women workers in both the formal and informal sectors.